the top part of a decorative image showing garden flowers.

Landscaping Consultations

a. Pruning of small bushes, decorative trees and roses a speciality
I can show you how to take care of your own plants quickly and simply. You will be excited to have the knowledge to "take charge."
No more "snowball" effects or home disasters.

b. Landscaping for the fun of gardening!
It would be my joy to help you visualize garden spaces on your property.
I can help you lay out bulb, herb, perennial, and rose gardens.
Deleting is an important skill. No longer will that eye sore bother you. It will be replaced by the small tree you always dreamed of owning.

c. How to cut back on all that lawn?
How to cut back on all that maintenance?
A call to me can bring you help and support for those important choices and solutions.

Initial visit $150.00 Follow up visits $75.00 an hour. Travel .55 a mile and $35. an hour.