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Pauline Runkle's work has been featured in books, magazines and newspaper articles. She is a published writer of articles on floral design.

Books Featuring Pauline Runkle's Work

Book Cover Image: Fine Art of Floral Arranging

The Fine Art of Flower Arranging

Pauline's bouquets grace the books pages celebrating her naturalistic style of floral arranging. The flowers are freshly gathered from her garden, carefully conditioned, and arranged just prior to the photo shoot for this book. Every aspect of the arrangements reflect her passion for gardening and using her flowers in her floral masterpieces.

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Book Cover Image: Gardens

Gardens Private and Personal

Beautiful photographs of Pauline's garden at 3 Plum Hill are included side by side expressive personal quotations. Pauline's garden is among 93 member's gardens showcased on 256 captivating pages amongst 250 stunning photographs.

Book Cover Image: A Garden For Cutting


A Garden For Cutting

Margaret Parke’s beautifully illustrated book "A Garden for Cutting" is an excellent source for information on arranging from the garden. A display of Pauline Runkle’s beautiful antique roses is included as well as a photo of her perennial garden. Within the book, two hundred photographs feature gardens and plants across the United States and a wide variety of flower arrangements both simple and elaborate. Pauline and Margaret worked together selecting the sites for the Boston gardens in this comprehensive book.

Articles Written by Pauline Runkle


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